What is the InstaCash Keywords? Learn the Truth About It

What is the InstaCash Keywords

What is the InstaCash Keywords? Do you want to know if it is a legit program or just a scam? Are you curious if it can help you in making your online business successful? Well, here is my in depth review and I hope hat this can help you learn more about it.

Before we jump into the review proper, let me point out that I have always been making reviews about various internet marketing programs. I made this as a passion because I want to impart to everyone my knowledge and experience towards these systems. By the way, if you want to start a legit way of earning, check out the #1 recommended work at home opportunity.


Product Overview

Company Name: InstaCash Keywords

Owner: Travis Sago; Ben Cawiezell

Price to Join: $4.95 (7-day trial); $47 per month

My Rating: 5.1 out of 10.0


What is the InstaCash Keywords?

What is the InstaCash Keywords

InstaCash Keywords is a program that delivers a list of keywords that they claim to be highly profitable. Basically, you will receive the keyword list each and every week.

This type of product can help those people who find it difficult to find profitable niches. You will also get articles that you can rewrite and publish along with the list of keywords to dominate that niche. The people behind this product are Travis Sago and Ben Cawiezell. There are many other products by Travis on the internet and he is an internet marketing guru.

In this review, I will take a closer look at this product and try to determine whether this is a scam or not. This review is based on my honest research about it. I recommend that you read the entire review before thinking about buying this program.


How Does InstaCash Keywords Work?

It is important to clarify that you are not going to get any training inside that will help you in ranking your website or promoting your articles. If you are looking for training, then it would be much better to look somewhere else.

Once you buy the product, you will start receiving keyword lists. Some lists will be bigger while some will be smaller, but I think each list should have more than 20 keywords on average.

After a while you will have literally thousands of keywords that you can use and it will definitely get confusing. This is not the only problem that I have with this product and after taking a careful look at the website I found plenty.

The website talks about Squidoo, but Squidoo has been acquired by Hubpages and they should update this fact. The articles that they will send you are not going to be helpful because they can hurt your search engine rankings.

What is the InstaCash Keywords

They are not sending you unique articles and the website also suggests that you rewrite the articles.

I suggest that you write your own content from scratch because in that way you will know more about what you are writing. You will also produce better content if you do detailed research about the content.

Keyword research is not hard at all and with the right tools you can definitely do it on your own. This product is not doing something that you can’t do by yourself. I must say that there is no guarantee that all of the keywords will do well as this product has been around for many years and you will receive keyword lists that are not unique.

There are safeguards that are given to make sure that you will not face competition from other members for the same keywords. But the safeguards are not going to work every time.

This product is not bad, but it can be better by making some more improvements. I am talking about improvements like making sure that two people do not get the same keywords even if that means limiting the amount of keywords that one person receives. In this way, you can be sure that the keywords you are getting will not receive competition from other members.


How Much Does It Cost to Join?

You can take the trial membership for $4.95 and it will last for 7 days. After that, there will be monthly charges of $47 per month.

I think that the price of this product is high because you can buy keyword research tools that will give you latest information but on much cheaper price.


How Much Can I Earn?

Your earnings will depend on many factors including the way that you build your website using the keywords that you get through this product. This program as I mentioned earlier is not going to teach you on how to promote your content or how to build a website so beginners will find it hard to utilize.

I know that it is not so hard to build a website in today’s world, but getting your content to rank on search engines is tricky.

Obviously, the keywords with low competition will help you in ranking your website, but still you will have to produce content that attracts the readers and makes them take action. If the reader will not take action, you will not earn money. So it will take some time and hard work for beginners.

Experienced marketers will have lesser difficulties when compared to beginners, but still they will have to work hard. There are members who may use the same keywords but you may face competition from them.

Overall, good money can be made through this product, but it is not going to be easy.


Are there Any Complaints?

Yes and I have listed some of the major concerns below.

This product may not be updated.

It can be a lot better with some improvements on support system.


Bottom Line

In my opinion, InstaCash Keywords is not a scam. There are some issues with this product, but I still think that it can be useful for those who do not want to do their own keyword research.

But then, I still recommend doing your own keyword research. Although it requires more work, you will be sure that your keywords are unique.  Nevertheless, I leave the final decision in your hands. Good luck and choose wisely.


  • Instant Keywords
  • Instant Articles


  • Costly
  • Keywords Will not be unique
  • You need to Rewrite the articles given


Is there Other Way to Earn Money Online?

I know that you want to try InstaCash Keywords because you are eager to find an easier way to build your online business. I also feel that you wanted to earn more from it.

Actually, I also felt the same way as you before. I thought that making money online is easy. But I realized that it is not that easy to attain this goals. It is not enough to buy a program and just follow the steps and training.

I believe that a support system is far way more important in order to be successful in this type of business. In this way, if ever you have questions about anything, you have someone to run into.

Now, your next question is, how can you really make money online? My best suggestion would be through making your own online business with a support from community. Basically it is a modern way of making money. And this will enable you to enjoy your working time at home.

Basically, you will earn by just following your passion and sharing your thoughts about it to other people.

Right now, I am on my first year in this community and I am already enjoying the fruits of my labor. So, I want to share my success with you.

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If you have more questions and concerns about the InstaCash Keywords, feel free to comment it below and I would be glad to interact with you.

Let me hear your experiences on the comments below!

Best Regards,

John Rico

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