What is the Jaaxy? A Comprehensive Review

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What is the Jaaxy

Are you also intrigued on what is the Jaaxy tool? Are you currently in doubt if it can help you generate traffic to your website? Here is my comprehensive review about Jaaxy.

What is Jaaxy?

What is the Jaaxy

Jaaxy is an online research platform that offers a wide variety of tools to help online marketers achieve their goal. They give a better and easy way of researching keywords, niches, and domains for your website to rank better in search engines. They also provide valuable data that can be used as an asset to your online business.

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How does Jaaxy Works?

Most people think that Jaaxy is just for finding keywords. Little they know that it also provides greater things other than that.

Here are the tools and  services available in Jaaxy.

1. Keyword Tool

what is the jaaxy

Jaaxy’s main expertise is finding the appropriate keywords that you are looking for. It provides the data you need in order to know whether the keyword can rank better in search engines like google. The two main data that you should focus on is the traffic and QSR.

We all know that traffic is the people going in to your website. While QSR is the number of competitions you have for that keyword. It is recommended to have traffic which is greater than 50 and QSR less than 200.

I have been using this tool since I started affiliate marketing. At first I was hesitant to use it because I am already using a keyword tool from Wealthy Affiliate. But then, I was convinced to use it when I heard that it really helps in getting ranked in google.

Fortunately, it did boost my current rankings. Just in my last article, in just less than a week I got in the first page of google and ranked number 4.

what is the jaaxy


2. Search Analysis Tool

what is the jaaxy

You can also know how your competitions work through Jaaxy. It can provide you with information like word count and even the meta words used by the other sites with the same keywords as yours. Knowing what your competitions have, will help you know on what to improve in your current website.

For example, right now my FusionCash article is in the fourth spot in google. So I need to check on what can I do to be in number 3. With the search analysis tool, I can immediately take a look on what my competition is doing.

Other than the word count and meta words, I can check their links on site, keyword density, and backlinks. With this, you will get an idea on whether what aspect of your website you can improve on.


3. Site Rank Tool

what is the jaaxy Jaaxy also gives you the information on your current standing in google. This tool is essential in tracking your position and page number. Basically, you just type the keyword you used and your website’s url.

Actually this is the tool that made me try Jaaxy. When I started building my website, I become obsessed in knowing whether my articles rank in google. So everyday, I go to google and search each page, one by one (seems tiring right?).

This method really takes some time, especially if you are on the further pages of google. So I tried to search some rank tools, but then I haven’t find one. That’s why, I was convinced to try Jaaxy. As what I have said, you just need to type your keyword and your url and you will immediately know on what page you are in google.


4. Affiliate Program

what is the jaaxyIf you are into affiliate marketing, then you can take advantage of this tool. Jaaxy provides you a list of the affiliate programs that are appropriate for your online business.

It gives information about the affiliate program name, program website, alexa rank, commission, and the network it belongs. By the way, alexa rank determines whether the program is good or not. Basically, the lower the alexa rank, the better the affiliate program.


How Much does it Costs to Join?

Jaaxy has two membership fees that you could choose from. There is the Jaaxy pro which is worth $19 per month and the Jaaxy Enterprise for $49 per month. Although those two can give you unlimited searches, they only differ in the speed and the number of results that you can get.

Anyway, Once you purchase the product you can immediately use the tools I presented earlier and also avail the bonuses that they offer. This includes a downloadable pdf of 1000 high traffic keywords, handbook for niche research, and domain selling business.  Jaaxy also has its own affiliate program that you can leverage on. They will provide you your own affiliate link and you can track it in your Jaaxy page.

I almost forgot, Before you purchase the product make sure that you take advantage of its free 30 searches. In that way, you will be able to get a glimpse of the product and how it really works. You can start your searches below.

Are there Jaaxy Complaints?

As of this moment, I have not heard of any major complaints about Jaaxy. It is good since you can be assured that the product really works and gives results. However, I have seen some glitches in the tool.

One thing I noticed is that, there are times that the site rank tool of Jaaxy is not accurate. If you try to check your ranking in the tool and compare it in google, sometimes it differs. Maybe it is because Jaaxy updates your ranking once a day and in google search engine you ranking moves most of the time.

Another thing is sometimes, it takes time before you see the data you need from the keyword tool. For example, if I search a keyword and click its QSR, it loads too slow. I needed to refresh the page before it loads faster. But I think this only because of the kind of membership I bought. Right now I am in the Jaaxy Pro membership, and I am thinking of upgrading to Jaaxy Enterprise.


Bottom Line

Jaaxy is a great research platform tool. It provides extensive and valuable information for your online business to succeed. It gives top rated tools for Keyword research and Competition Analysis. Although it has some minor glitches, the tool is still tremendously helpful in terms of the research that you are doing.

I have been using the product since I started affiliate marketing, and as what I have shown you above, I got the results that I am looking for. Researching keywords don’t take much time. Knowing what your current ranking has also been made easy. Most especially, you can learn the techniques done by your competitors and use it to improve your own site. In this way, seeing your site rank in google will not be as hard as it was before. Eventually traffic will follow.


  • Easy To Learn
  • Plenty of Tools that Are Useful for Your Site


  • Only Gives 30 Free Keyword Searches


I highly recommend that you use its free 30 searches. It is where you will learn the tool more extensively and have an advantage at this early point of time.

Try Your 30 Free Keyword Searches in Jaaxy Now!


If you have questions, concerns or you already have results using the Jaaxy tool, feel free to comment it below. I would be happy to hear from you.

Best Regards,

John Rico


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I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.

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  1. I love the site rank tool. I have the pro edition and love it. I paid for the year and I am ranking in my efforts so very happy about that. Great review!

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