What is the Listverse?

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what is the listverse

Do you want to know what is the Listverse? Are you in doubt if you can really earn 100$ per article? Here is my honest review about Listverse.

Before we jump into the review proper, let me point out that I have always been making reviews about various online jobs. I made this as a passion because I want to impart to everyone my knowledge and experience towards these programs. By the way, if you want to start a legit way of earning, check out the #1 recommended work at home opportunity.


What is Listverse?

what is the listverseListverse is a site that accepts articles from freelance writers in exchange for $100, if the article is approved. It is a top 10 list site that offers exciting and fun trivia about anything in this world. They are most likely in need of finding articles that can tingle the minds of its million readers.

At the same time, educate everyone after reading the article. Basically, it is a haven for freelance writers that want to earn extra money through creative writing.

In this review, I will take a closer look at this company and try to determine whether this is a scam or not. This review is totally unbiased because I do not work for them. I recommend that you read the entire review before thinking about investing your hard earned money.


How does Listverse Works?

There are only 3 steps that you need to do to get the 100$.

1. Write your List

what is the listverseListverse wants you to show your creative side in a good way. They want to see humor and excitement in every list you make. They prefer list that the readers would love including the most uncommon things you can think off.

It could be a hidden knowledge about a norm that we are used to; Facts that clan blow peoples’ mind; Common mistakes about a certain product; And it can be a valuable general information that will make life more easier.

However this freedom that is given to you in terms of writing the list has also limitations. Here are some of the rules that you need to follow:


Your list must be original

This is an obvious rule right? Who would want a copy and paste article published into their blog. Although, it may seem that this is an easy task but let me tell you, some of the freelance writers had a hard time on this one. This is because nowadays the number one and convenient way in researching information is through the internet. Although this kind of research is the easiest, it is the most prone to plagiarism.
Be careful when you use the internet when doing your research. You may not notice it but when you are writing your list you may have already copied some phrases or even sentences that will make you list not an original content. I suggest that you use the conventional way instead, which is to go to the library and scan their books. It is safer plus the risk of plagiarism is lower. Just be sure to include sources and references on where you got the information.

Must be over 1500 words

Listverse requires you to have a minimum of 10 items with 150 words per item. It may seem that 1500 words is just a piece of cake. But mind you, this ain’t that easy. Writers tend to overflow their thoughts and write articles even more than the required length. It is good if you don’t need to follow other rules. But when you burst your emotions into writing, there is a tendency that your article will be too long and boring. Remember, Listverse wants humor! Always remember that you write for the readers, not for the website. So make it interesting and captivating. Also make sure that you you don’t overuse flowery words that will make the write up dull and lame.

2. Submit to Listverse

what is the listverse

After you finish your list, you are now ready to submit your article. But before you click that submit button, here are some reminders that you need to know. By submitting your list, you allow Listverse to have the full right and ownership of your article. So this means that they can publish your list on books, magazines or even on TV anytime they want. But of course, they still put that you are the author.  Usually they will get back to you from 2-3 days if your list got accepted.


3. Get your 100$

Once your list is approved, Listverse will pay you $100 via Paypal which usually takes 24 hours after your list has been accepted.

Can I really make 100$?

what is the listverse

If you are asking if can you really make a 100 bucks with Listverse, then the answer is YES.

But of course, It is not an easy money.

Writing a top quality list will take much of your time

Most of the freelance writers spend several hours to make one list. Of course, if you want to be published in the blog, you really have to make an in depth research on the topic you have chosen right? If you don’t do full time as a writer, in average, the most that you can do is 1-2 articles per week.


There is too much competition

Since 2007, they were publishing more than 3 new and unique lists per day. With that fact, it became harder to think of new topics that you can write a list on. But let us say, there are still plenty of topics to write about, your competition with these topics are also still high. Everyday, thousands of people send article in Listverse. Which means that the probability that your article will be published will be lower. And even though you claim to be the best writer in town, you can’t tell if there are also another person that made the same list as yours.


Bottom Line

In a nutshell, a 100 bucks from Listverse is not that easy to get. Although the website is a good start for those freelance writers that wants to earn some extra money, you still need to exert much effort in researching every time you write an article.

In terms of producing income, Listverse is beneficial when you see it in a short term of time. If you need immediate extra cash to pay the expenses, you can write an article and wait until they accept your list. However, if you  base it in the long term period, It is not enough to earn you a living. We can’t deny the fact that every person is busy. We have hobbies, regular work, and we also need to spend some time with family and friends. There are times that you can’t write an article because of unforeseen circumstances. Basically if you don’t write, you won’t earn an income! Therefore it is not capable of producing you continuous income in the long run. So if we think about it, if you don’t do full time in freelance writing then you won’t earn that much.

I am not saying that Listverse won’t do good for you, but what I am saying is it is not enough to sustain your needs in the future.


Is there other way to earn online?

I know that you want to try Listverse because you are already tired of your daytime job. You want to earn some extra money in order to cope up with your needs and expenses. Unfortunately, Listverse is not the best solution to your problem.

Like you, I was also torn into freelance writing jobs because it is an immediate money. But I realized that it is not all worth it. Even if I am paid with what I write, I still don’t get that much to quit my daytime job.

Good thing is I have learned about affiliate marketing. Basically, I get to enjoy writing articles plus I get to earn from it every now and then. I am literally making my own online business. Right now, I am already on my tenth month in this type of opportunity and enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Let me end this review with a question,

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If you have already joined the company or you have concerns about them feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to learn new things from you.

Best Regards,

John Rico

what is the wealthy affiliate

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Amar-V - January 29, 2017

Thanks for this review. I look for ways to make money online, so I noticed there are services out there that allow you to write and earn money.

I must admit I hadn’t heard of Listverse before, so thanks for letting me know about it.

I have noticed that sites like this can build up and therefore competition increases making it harder for any potential newcomers.

    john rico - January 30, 2017

    Listverse can be beneficial for thise people who needs instant cash. However the downside is after making the article and submitting it, you no longer can earn from it. And it will not be your property. I still suggest that freelance writers use their talent in making their own blog that they can use to earn passive income

Marcus - November 27, 2015

I love these kinds of sites because I really enjoy interesting facts. One site that I read a lot of is Cracked, and Listverse looks similar to that. I think people like information presented in this kind of way. I’m not sure why, it just appeals to people somehow. You can also get videos with lists of facts. One great YouTube channel that does this is List 25. I convert their videos into MP3 files and listen to them in the car on the way to work.

Neil - November 10, 2015

I have heard about how writing articles for online companies can generate some extra income, which is what I’m after to top up my salary 🙂

Listverse does sound like a great way to earn some money online on the side of my job, and since I enjoy writing, this will be a bonus for me!

However, I do see how the money isn’t easy to make, but I guess it’s the same with any article writing website.


    john rico - November 11, 2015

    Listverse is a great start if you want to earn some extra money through freelance writing. However, If you take an in depth look into it, you will realize that the work you are doing is not compensated properly. It is true that a $100 is a big amount of money, but after you receive your money, your article will no longer be useful for you. Why not consider writing articles for your own blog or website and not for other peoples’ benefit?

Anh Nguyen - October 10, 2015

Wow, this sounds like a very interesting site. I can see how the competition is high, I saw their site and it seems pretty good.

I think you are right that seemingly writing good lists in the long run is not gonna be very productive and it’s time consuming as well. Personally I am more into building my own online business.


    john rico - October 10, 2015

    Hi there! I definitely agree with you. Writing lists is so time consuming and the pay is not good enough. Why not make your lists and publish it in your own website? You may be thinking that it is hard but mind you in the long run it will be worth it.

    Actually there is a program that I highly recommend that can help you with website building and also creating content/articles for the site. It is the wealthy affiliate. If you want to know more about it just check out my review about the #1 recommended online business on the upper right side of this page. Good Luck to you! 🙂

Edmund - October 6, 2015

Hi John, thanks for this in-depth review of Listverse.

After reading your review, I think to earn the $100 from Listverse indeed is not easy and worth the effort.

To create a unique list is one thing, to write with humor and 1500 words may not be easy for many.

I will head over to your #1 recommendation as an alternative instead. 🙂

    john rico - October 7, 2015

    100$ from Listverse is not easy to get but definitely not impossible. You have to reasearch and make a high quality list and get approved before you get the money. For some it is a hard thing because of some reasons. These include: (1) Inability to write 1500 words (2) temptation to plagiarize because everything that you need to know is already in the internet (3) You just can’t think of any interesting topic.

    On the other hand, there are some that find writing an article very easy. But one question retains in my mind. Instead of writing articles for other website, why not make an article and publish into your own website? Let me tell you, It may seem that it is a hard kind of work, but in the long run, you will definitely see the results of all your hardships.

Matthew Thomas - October 6, 2015

Listverse is something I’ve never heard of before, but it sounds pretty cool. $100 is a decent chunk of change for writing a list, but of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. How difficult is it to get your list approved? It’d be demoralizing to spend all that time writing for them to reject it.

In the long run, probably better off writing lists and articles for your own website where you can earn a recurring income from those pages over and over again, instead of just a one-time $100 payment. What are your thoughts on that?

    john rico - October 6, 2015

    Hi there! I have read a complaint in this one forum about Listverse. There was this person that wrote her list using the research she made through internet. After sending the list, he was then notified by Listverse that her article is a product of plagiarism. Although she claims that she really haven’t copied in any article, she may unknowingly done it when she was researching online.

    My point is that doing a research for your list makes it even harder to get approved by Listverse. You have to be careful with the references you use and you should include you sources.

    I agree with you that writing for your own website is better compared to just submitting to this kind of sites. Although being a freelance writer can benefit you in the present, it won’t give you a recurring income in the long run. Basically if you don’t write, you will not get paid.

    In contrary to making your own website and doing online marketing. Once you have established your foundation, you will no longer chase for money.

Tinnakon - October 6, 2015

Very clear and good review on Listverse. It seems like a place to get an entrance examination or recruitment for a job. That one hundred bugs is surely an eye catching incentive for freelance writer but in the broad view of the story there are filled with competition and the personal judgement. You are right that it could not be a long term resort of income and writing a quality content is basically the same as making website for online marketing. The difference between this two is the amount of time we need endlessly to promote the website but there is a way you did provide. Nice review.

    john rico - October 7, 2015

    I agree with everything you said. Listverse is a good start up if you want an extra money but if your considering it to be a long term source of income then it is not the best you can have. Instead of writing articles for other blogs, why not make articles to be published on your own blog?

    I know that you are hesitant to do that because you don’t know how to start to make your website right? But let me tell you, there are already easy website building platforms that offers simple but effective way on how you can make your website into reality. If you want to know more about this website building platform that I am talking about check out my review about my #1 recommended program.

Jason - October 5, 2015

I recently just stumbled onto Listverse right just days before finding your blog.

I didn’t know anyone could submit an article to them, and if, the big keyword, is if, they got accepted, then it would be published….but all that work for $100 seems like too much for me.

If I was a writer, then maybe it would be great for a resume builder but not an effecient way to make money.

I read your post all the way until the end and I agree with you. Why earn a hundred bucks in Freelance writing when you can earn thousands online?

I would rather create and earn money through a blog for sure.

    john rico - October 5, 2015

    Hi there Jason! 100$ from Listverse is really legit if your list will be accepted and pass through their evaluation. But as what you have said, If you are a writer it would be better to have your own blog where you can publish your articles.

    The common misconception in making your own website is that it is too complicated. People don’t know that making website today is easy as 1,2,3. There are plenty of website building platforms that makes your life much easier. And mind you, publishing on your own blog can earn you more money than just sending into other websites like Listverse.

Sinisa - October 4, 2015

Wow! I must say I never heard of listverse, this is really interesting…

Writing a ~1500 words document sometimes feels so easy and like the words are just flowing out of me, but there are days when it’s really like you hit a brick wall.

For me it’s important to have an honest review about this opportunities, and from a trusted source of course, because, to be really honest, if I came to this info on my own I am not sure I would find it credible without prior investigation.

Why don’t you think it is not good enough for the longer period?

Btw, since you said actually getting accepted by listverse is not that easy, should non native english speakers even bother with it?



    john rico - October 4, 2015

    Hi there Sinisa! Althoug Listverse is good if you want some extra cash, I do not consider it beneficial in the longer period in terms of producing continuous flow of income. Basically we can’t deny the fact that we can’t write everyday for the rest of our lives. There are times that we need to do something else besides from writing. So if you consider it as a job for a longer period then it won’t be enough to earn you a living. Think about this, If you won’t write then you won’t earn right?

    Yes, you are right. Getting accepted by listverse is not that easy. However it is not impossible. As for the non native English speakers, they can still attempt to write and submit it. But the same with other articles submitted it will still be evaluated in terms of grammar, punctuation, and sense of meaning.


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