What is the Littlebux? Can You Really Earn Much From It?


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Do you want to know what is the Littlebux? Are you considering to try it because you needed some extra cash? Before you jump into the program, read first my review about it.

What is the littlebux?

LittleBux is a paid to click site or PTC site and is new in this business. This site was launched on August 16, 2015. PTC site members usually earn by clicking on ads and staying on the page for a specified amount of time and there are other ways too which I will discuss in this review. The internet is full of PTC sites like LittleBux and it is important to know which one is scam and which one is legit and I am here to help you so do not worry and read on. I will also discuss the types of memberships in this review so that you can have a better idea.


how does littlebux works?

Now I will tell you the ways in which you can earn money from this site. So let us get started without wasting any more time.

clicking ads

You have to click minimum four ads daily and you get paid per ad on the basis of your membership plan. The payment for each ad is in the range of 0.01 dollar to 0.02 dollar. You are also awarded point for clicking on ads and these points can be exchanged for money in your referral balance. Your referral balance is used to expand your referrals.

commission on referrals

You earn a commission when your referrals click on the ads daily. You earn 0.001 dollar or more depending on your membership plan. Commission of referrals is the best way to earn more from this site. The commissions after having 200 referrals can help you earn much more than you can earn by clicking on ads.


You have to click on the boxes in the grid for a chance to win a cash prize. When you click on the boxes ads open and you may win a cash prize.

The advantage of working on PTC sites is that you do not have to work for hours and you just need a few minutes of your time to earn. Those who have referrals and a good strategy they earn the most amount of money from these sites. LittleBux offers the traditional ways to earn from PTC sites and it does not offer anything new.


how much does it cost to join?

It is absolutely free to join but you can upgrade your membership plans and let us take a look at the options that you have available and their price.


This membership plan is free and this is the least profitable plan available. You get 0.01 per click on ads and 0.001 per referral click. You are guaranteed 4 ads daily. This plan will not give you sufficient income and I recommend you to upgrade your plan as soon as you have the money needed for the upgrade in your account.


If you want to upgrade to golden from standard then you need 90 dollars in your account. The pay per ad click is equal to the standard membership plan but you get 0.005 dollars per referral click. You are guaranteed 8 ads daily. You also get 50 grid chances daily with this pack. This plan costs 80 dollars yearly.


You get paid 0.012 dollars per ad click in this membership plan. You also get 0.0100 dollars per referral click. You get 50 chances in grid chances. This plan gives you 3000 referrals limit. This plan costs 295 dollars yearly.


This is the best plan and the most expensive too. This plan costs 750 dollars yearly. You get 0.0200 dollars per ad click and 0.0100 per referral click in this plan. This plan gives you 5500 referral limit. There is no direct referral limit in this plan and you can have any number of direct referrals in this plan.

As you buy more and more advanced membership plan you get more and more gains. The truth is that buying an expensive plan will not ensure your gains but it is your strategy and referrals that will ensure your success.


how much can I earn?

Well the amount of earnings depends on your referrals and your clicks. If you have a good amount of active referrals and you click regularly then you can earn 2 dollars or more per day depending on your plan. If your plan is advanced then you can earn as much as 10 dollars per day or more but your referrals need to be active and click regularly. If I calculate the amount then you can earn 300 dollars per month just by clicking some ads and taking care of your referrals.

But this earning potential is just possible if you upgrade your account and gain lots of referrals which is somehow difficult to attain.


Are there complaints?

There are no complaints about Littlebux but I still have concerns about the program.

Payout is not Enough

Even though the tasks you do in Littlebux is easy to do, the payout you get is not that enough. I mean all that time and work you give just for a little amount of money, this is clearly not worthy of your time. There are far way better ways of earning online that can give you much more income.



Now it is time to tell you that Littlebux is not a scam and you can join this site without any worry. However, you will not easily earn enough money or become a millionaire in using this site.  

And if you will ask me, I don’t recommend Littlebux. This is just like any other paid to click site that will lure you to do simple tasks but then will give you not that much in return. I know that you want to join in this site because you are hoping that it would help you pay your bills and expenses. Unfortunately, this is not the answer to your problem. Even if you spend all day doing clicks, your earning potential is not that enough to earn you a living.

There are far way better alternatives out there that is much more worthy of your time and effort.

Let me end this review with one question.

Why earn little in PTC sites, if you can earn much more from building your own online business?

Check out my review on the top recommended online training program.

If you have more questions and concerns about Littlebux, feel free to comment it below.

Let me hear your experiences below!

Best regards,

John Rico


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Alex - February 28, 2016

Hey John,
Littlebux seems very similar to other programs like Clickbank. I can’t really see how anyone can make any money with these programs because of how low the revenue per click is. There are much easier ways to make a living online such as affiliate marketing or creating courses which are simple to get started.

    john rico - February 28, 2016

    I agree with you Alex. Littlebux is just the same with any other pay to click sites. And all of them provides not that much payout when you finish their required tasks. And you need to spend so much time in order to earn a decent income. So you have mentioned about making money online through affiliate marketing. Are you already long in this kind of business? How is it so far?


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