What is the Nano 11? Is it a Scam to Watch Out For?


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What is the Nano 11

Are you also asking, what is the Nano 11? Are you confused if it can really give high returns to your invested money? Do you wonder whether it is a scam or legit? To have a better understanding, read first my in depth Nano 11 review.

what is the nano 11?

what is the nano 11Nano Technologies Investments (Nano 11) is an HYIP or High Yield Investment Program. I will tell you later what exactly an HYIP is. The company is looking for investment and you can invest using virtual payment systems. The company has been working on capital placement in business processes with high financial yield according to their official website. Now we will see whether this company really is what it claims to be or if it is just a front for another scam.


how does nano 11 business works?

The Nano Technologies Investments website has to be appreciated because it is a very attractive and well managed site. The company claims that it operates globally and performs investments in business processes based on innovation and scientific progress. They also claim that they have a lot of experience and resources supporting such projects. You can use methods like Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payeer to invest money and to withdraw money from this company. Now let us take a look at the investment plans that this company offers. Warning: There is a presence of risk in investing the money and there is no guarantee of getting your money back.

Here are the three investment plans in Nano 11.

nano basic

what is the nano 11This plan offers percentage of profit starting from 1.50 percent and it goes as high as 4 percent. This plan as the name suggests is pretty basic and it is the least profitable. This plan has four variations and they are called Nano Basic 1, Nano Basic 2, Nano Basic 3 and Nano Basic 4. You get the payment only on business days and not on calendar days.

nano standard

what is the nano 11This plan pays as high as 1111 percent profit but it is after a period of 90 calendar days. There are also four sub divisions in this plan. The first one pays 1111 percent after 90 calendar days, the second one pays 777 percent after 60 days, the third one pays 444 percent after 30 days and the last one pays 222 percent after 15 days. You do not get paid daily in this plan and you have to wait until the duration of the plan expires and then you can withdraw or reinvest your money.

nano plus

what is the nano 11This plan makes payment daily and also has four sub divisions. The first one offers 9 percent profit daily for 90 calendar days. Second one offers 10 percent profit for duration of 60 calendar days. Third one offers 11 percent for duration of 30 calendar days. The fourth plan offers 12 percent profit for duration of 15 calendar days.

Once you invest in a plan you cannot go back and the transaction is non reversible. You also have the option of choosing functions such as saving (reinvesting or compounding) so that you can make more profits. You can also earn when someone joins through your partnership link every time he or she makes a deposit in currency in the company. This option is only available when you invest in Nano Basic or Nano Plus. I have not yet examined their compensation plan so do not go anywhere.


how much does it cost to join?

It costs absolutely nothing to join but you will not make any money just by joining. You have to invest money in one of the plans mentioned above before you can earn money. The methods that you can use to invest money are also mentioned above. Basically, they are claiming that the more money you invest, the more income you will earn. Some people invest in a range of $100 – $350.


how much can I earn?

moneyYour earnings depend on the type of plan as well as some other factors. A calculator is available on the official site which helps you to calculate your earnings. You have to choose the plan; compounding and the amount that you want to invest in the plan to calculate your earnings. You have to invest at least 25 dollars or 75 dollars in a plan to get started depending on the plan that you choose. I would like to remind you that there is a risk here and that is why you should not make higher investments at first. Once you get the return then you can invest with more confidence in the type of plan that you want to invest. Still I have not determined whether this business is legit or not so keep reading.


are there any complaints?

There are some complaints about the program but I just chose the number one complaint that needs to be examined.

the earnings is not guaranteed

Although the Nano 11 is claiming that you could actually earn much money with their plans, this is not guaranteed. One reason for this is that there is no clear proof that the program really works. I even can’t find of any credible testimonial that can say that Nano 11 gave them the earnings they expected.

The website already went down


It is just few days ago when Nano 11’s website went down. Several members are already complaining about the payout that they didn’t get. This is what I am always saying about HYIP programs. They are just good in the start but later on they will really leave you behind. I really felt sorry for those who have lost their hard earned money.

Recent update

Here is a recent update on Nano 11. They have transferred to another website. It has still the same investing plans but it appears that they have started again from the start. I was happy at first because I will be able to retrieve my investment but when I tried to login my account, it won’t allow me to enter. With that, I must say that Nano 11 is a scam.

Here is a screen cap of their new website.

what is the nano 11



I have to admit that I do not have a good feeling about this company. Nano 11 is an HYIP and most HYIPs are scams. HYIP means High Yield Investment Program and an HYIP is an investment plan which gives high rates of returns without a clear proof on where the money comes from. Other problem is how they earn profits and how they do business is not mentioned in detail anywhere.

Before, I was not sure if this program is a scam or not. But right now, I am certain that Nano 11 is a scam. With that, you should always remember that HYIP programs will only lure you to join and when you already trust them they will leave you behind.


how can I earn money online?

I am quite sure that you want to invest in Nano 11 because you are hoping that it would help you earn some income to pay for your bills and expenses. You may also want to try it because you are already tired of the routinary work you are doing. Unfortunately, this is not the answer to your problem.

Actually, I was also in the same situation as yours before. I thought that once I put my hard earned money in a program, I will immediately earn some profit in just a short period of time. But, like everyone tells about HYIP, I was wrong. There is not such thing as easy money.

Now, your next question is, how can you really make money online? My best suggestion would be through affiliate marketing. It is like building your own online business and earn commissions by helping people decide on which products they should buy. This is the modern way of earning online.

Right now, I am on my tenth month in this program and I am already enjoying the fruits of my labor. So, I want to share my success with you. Let me end this review with one question.

Why Spend So Much for Unguaranteed Programs, If You Can Start your Own Online Business for Free?

Check out my review on the #1 Recommended Online Training Program.

If you have more questions and concerns about Nano 11, feel free to comment it below and I would be glad to interact with you.

Let me hear your experiences on the comments below!

Best Regards,

John Rico


89 comments on “What is the Nano 11? Is it a Scam to Watch Out For?

  1. Hi John,

    Would you be willing to do a review on the following HYIP’s listed below :
    Pro elite community
    Global Profit Exchange
    These are rife in South Africa and a lot of people are flocking into them, they are called communities that survive purely on donations that participants make towards each other which yields interest between 30-100%, again there have been testimonials of people who have been paid by them and because a lot of people are jobless this becomes a way of life for them.
    Some are legit but majority are scams and therefore these particular ones are the ones I need some insight on.

    Thanks again for the research on Nano 11 (the science fiction movie… Lol)

    • Sure, I will be willing to do a review about this companies. Actually, I have a great desire to discover the secrets of this HYIP programs because there are plenty of them out there. There are some that claims that they are legit, but as far as I have known, most of them are scam. With that reason I still don’t trust these programs.

  2. Looks like they closed down on the 27th. Totally vanished from the Internet. luckily managed to pull out the money I put in but did not make any profit investing Bitcoins that is. Would have been better if I just kept my Bitcoins and sold it later as the price shot up. looking at the companies house website it seem that the company was registered in the UK. Servers are hidden behind DDOS-GUARD.net which is Russian and their Domain (Nano-11.com) was registered using ENOM which seems to be US. So it makes tracing their origins very difficult. So it looks to be most certainly a scam.

    • It is sad that some people have to lose money before they realize that all HYIPS are a scam. I hope they could find a way to get their hard earned money back.

  3. I joined Nano-11 on April 17th 2016. My plan expired on June 02 2016. I actually invested in two plans at the same time to compare. I researched enough to put my faith in them. I will keep you all posted and will provide proof if it works or does not work. They have been around for quite awhile in terms of a HYIP, so we will see. I will say that if you live in the U.S., it is a pain to get started. I have been following this site for song time as there has been some very helpful information and guidance here. Thank you.

    • I’m glad that I am able to help and give you guidance. It will really help people who wants to invest in Nano 11 if you can update us if it actually works. But as per my recent research, Nano 11 is just the same with other HYIP programs. I still suggest that people be vigilant about these programs. By the way, have you bumped into ?affiliate marketing before?

        • I also checked the website of Nano 11 and it says “can’t reach the page”. They maybe doing a system back up or doing a maintenance. But this is not sure. Let us first wait for further notifications. This happening should become a warning to everyone who wants to invest in HYIPs. It is not guaranteed if these programs will last for a long period of time. So people should be cautious with this HYIP programs.

          • Yes Marie. In my recent update about Nano 11, they have made another website with the same website design and the same investment plans as they have given in their previous site. At first, I was glad because I thought that I can log in my previous log in information. But I was wrong. I can’t use my previous account and I think this is because they have rebooted their whole system. And if you carefully see the number of people active in this website, it is really small compared to the old one. With this reason, it is clear to say that Nano 11 is a scam. I hope those people who have lost some money in it, can gain it back.

  4. I was going to invest in Nano 11 but after your article and the replies thread I will not go near it. Thanks John for clearing things and educating us.

  5. Hi John

    What an in-depth review about Nano-11. Amazing how much work you have put in without expecting anything back. I have invested in Hyips before and have lost money, and made money. I’m from South africa and there was a recent Ponzi scheme called MMM global (all the way from Russia). Those that started investing when the scheme was still new, about a year ago made money but those that came at the end they lost all their money. You’re right 90% of HYIPs are scams. Invested in Btc-traders.com exactly like Nano promising very high returns after a period of time and you had the option to compound/ withdraw your interest but they never paid, Coinspay.biz, OKBTC where when its time to pay they
    ask you to pay 50% or more of your earnings for the first time withdrawal, if you pay you’ll keep paying but never get anything back. When investing in a hyip make sure you never invest more than you can afford to lose and always start with the minimum allowed.

    There are hyip monitoring sites but even them they are not 100% accurate with the information they provide because they are paid by some of the schemes so that they give them good reviews/ratings. All in all its best not to invest in hyips, but if you’re a risk taker like me its best to do as much research as possible and be open minded, even then its still not guaranteed that you will get your investment.

    I also have been looking at investing in Nano-11but have been a bit cautious because anything that has a UK registration is suspicious in the hyip industry, because in many cases that I have read where they do thorough investigations on hyips you find that a “company” has a UK reg but every communication you get from it apparently would originate from Russia, India, Pakistani etc. It is a very risky industry.

    Having said all of that, thank you very much for an honest opinion. I wish you have a monthly news letter or something where you do these reviews on a regular basis because a lot of people lose a lot of money on hyips.

    • Thank you very much for sharing your experiences about HYIP programs. I am always saying on my reviews that if someone shows a proof that HYIP gives payout, then I would bring my statement down that all HYIPs are scam. But then, after I have read your story, I became sure that all HYIPs are scam. It has always been said that these programs give payout for the first one or two times, but then later on, they will stop giving your profit. It then gets hard to contact them and you will learn that the company already closed. This is the case for most of the HYIPs out there.

      I also agree with you that hyip monitoring sites are not that accurate with their judgement or rating about these programs. You may see that the program gives payout now, but it is not sure if it will still be giving your return of investment in the future. I believe that taking risk is good but you should make sure that you only go into calculated risks.

  6. Hi John,

    This Nano program looks like regular Ponzi. You pay money into the program; you have to wait X days to get it back. Now everything depends on luck and two things. 1. How many people besides you, are going to deposit anything as well.
    2. If an admin is fair and, he will not run with the money after few days.
    HYIPS gives the amazing opportunity to earn extraordinary money in short period of the time, but you need to be lucky as well.

    • Point well said men. Most HYIPs are good in the beginning because they somehow pay. But then if someone considers it as a source of income for a long run, this is not the best option that you can have. You are right about the factors that determine whether you will be paid or not. If the people investing in it lows down, you will not get your payout. That is why the payout has intervals before you can get it. Luck is still a factor when investing in HYIPs like the Nano 11.

        • With the latest update that I got, people should still be cautious with Nano 11. Although there is proof of payment, the time that it has been established is still not enough to prove that this program can give payout in the future.

          • This is bad. I think if Nano 11 is doing a system backup or system maintenance, it should not take them so much time. But then, we should wait a little more time before we conclude that they are already down. I hope its members have gotten their payouts before the system went down.

    Our company offers profits at the level of more than average profits. You can make much more that banks are offering and than the majority of financial institutes are offering. Of course, you can make much more than we can offer on deposits of over 100,000 dollars. However, not that many people are able to include such wide audience in this strategy as we can. We are able to achieve this, however, we are truly offering a high percentage of income based on a fixed schedule. We do not associate ourselves with companies that pay out money from deposits in order to steal the money. Still, we cannot prevent including our investment conditions into ratings and lists of informational-analytical sites.

    • Good explanation Aleksandra. But I have one thing that I want to clear out about this HYIPS. Why is it that most HYIPS follow a schedule when giving out their members’ income? Because for me, if the program is really legit, they should give its members profit anytime they want. It is their money in the first place right? I hope you can answer this question.

  8. hello to every body. i agree that most high yield investment programs are scams , but i do not agree that all of them are the same; cause i know where i invest and how , i personally test the most stable , there is few of them who you invest with them, i made a lot of researches and ask alot of questions and then invest and everything going just as i expected.

    • Asking and researching about a certain program is the best way to do before even trying to invest in it. This gives you a lesser risk on losing your hard earned money. Actually, you can’t blame anyone for giving a stereotype for HYIP programs as scams. It is because most of them are scams. On the other hand, It is good to know that there are some that actually pays. However, I still don’t recommend HYIP programs like Nano 11 because there is still a big chance of losing your money.

      • Hello everyone,

        Im an investor to Nano-11.com, and for now it’s fine for me, I’ve been paid to my Payeer account (instantly) and after that I’ve been to the ATM with my Payeer Debit Card to get real money in cash on my hands, so definitively it works.

        But Im writting here to teach you something.

        The truth is that many online opportunities are launched by startup companies and like many ordinary business, they can close at any time. That’s it.

        So when you invest in HYIP, or when you buy a lotery ticket, or when you order a new car… there is always a risk.

        So if you are interested by some seducing opportunities, just take your chance and don’t blame anyone if you may loose, that’s your decision.

        Thank you for reading my comment and I hope people get better understanding.


        • Hi there Vin! I appreciate it that you have time to clear things about HYIP programs. Like what I have said, I am not generalizing that HYIP are scams but as of my latest research about them, most of them is a scam. As what you have stated, this startup companies launch business that needs investments. And since they are just starting up, there is a chance that they will close any time. Thus puts your investment into a risk.

          You are also right that in everything that we do, there is a counterpart risk. But then, even though this risk is always present, you can definitely lessen or eliminate it. As for my suggestion, I recommend that people still get out of this HYIP programs because there is no real guarantee that you will earn income all the time.

          You maybe earning for now, but in the future, you will never know.

          • Dear John,

            no one knows if your boss will give you your salary at the end of this month (maybe will not have payment from customers at all for this month), nothing is sure yes, so would you recommend them not working too?

            But i understand your point, you cannot recommend investment plan because there is no guarantee, but people who register to this kind of opportunity are investors, so they should know that there is a risk, so do not need to be over protector witht them.

            Regards, Vin.

          • My point Vin is to minimize or at least lessen your risk of loosing your hard earned money. Yes, there is also a risk of not getting a pay from your employer but this will just happen if there is a bankruptcy which does not always happen. And besides, you can always chase your employer whenever you are not paid because you have a contract that you signed. But as for the HYIP programs, there is a big chance that this business will close, most especially that most of them are just new.

            I think people should realize that there is no easy money in this world. And if you want to have a continuous stream of income. You should build your own business. This will earn you the passive income that you have always wanted.

      • Does coince really pays? I think this is just the same with all HYIP programs. They pay in the beginning but later on, you will have a hard time cashing out your money.

      • Hi there Saida! I know that you want to earn money online. But it is not enough that it is just good paying. You should also consider if it is sustainable and can give you continuous income for the long run. Actually, I was also have the same reason as you when it comes in choosing what programs to invest. If it is high paying, I immediately invest in it. But then, later on I realized that this is not enough. I should definitely find something that can be my source of income for a long period of time. Right now, I invest my money and time in affiliate marketing. I already don’t invest in HYIP because I believe that it is not worth it and it is not guaranteed that it can give me sustainable income.

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