What is the Solid Trade Bank? Is it a Worth it Investment?


What is the Solid Trade Bank

Are you intrigued on what is the Solid Trade Bank? Do you wonder if you can really earn some money by investing into their company? To have a clearer grasp about it, read first my extensive Solid Trade Bank review.

Before we jump into the review proper, let me point out that I have always been making reviews about several money making programs. I made this as a passion  because I want to impart to everyone my knowledge and experiences towards them. By the way, if you want to start a legit way of earning, check out my review on the #1 recommended work at home opportunity.

Solid Trade Bank Review


What is the Solid Trade Bank?

what is the solid trade bank

Solid Trade Bank is a High Yield Investment Program. They claim that it is a financial institution and it is not only about loans and deposits but it also invests the money in non financial subsidiaries. The official website of the institution says that it has been around for many years but never mentioned an exact number.

In this review I will examine all aspects of this company and I will also try to determine whether this institution is a scam or not. I recommend that you read the entire article before thinking about joining this company.


How does Solid Trade Bank Works?

First of all I would like to specify a few things. The site of this financial institution has not convinced me entirely. The reasons for not being convinced are simple. The site never tells the investment plans that are available or the rate of return. The only thing that the site mentions is that its investment plans are safe and reliable.

It is really disappointing and I do not see any harm in mentioning in detail about their investment plans before someone thinks of investing money.

what is the solid trade bank

The site claims that they not only function as a bank but they also invest the money in non- financial subsidiaries and that is what worries me even more. There is no guarantee of returns in non-financial sectors and if it does not work out then who is going to suffer the loss. It seems they have a solution to this problem and the solution is cross-insurance.

They claim that your money is insured so that you can invest without worrying about anything, not only this but your money is protected in offshore banks so that your money is not affected by war or politics. Your deposits are cross-insured in 7 insurance companies around the world. They claim that this method is the safest and most reliable. I have to say that they are really convincing about security.


what is the solid trade bank

Solid Trade Bank comprises of non-financial subsidiaries that help in generating additional income for you. Solid Trade Bank has subsidiaries in the following areas:

1. Oil and gas industry

2. Forex Trading

3. Banking

4. Heavy Industry

5. Real Estate and Insurance

So far we have a financial entity that not only acts as a bank but also an institution that invests the money in non-financial subsidiaries to maximize the profits of its investors. I hope you have got it so far and now let us examine this financial institution more closely.


How Much Does it Cost to Join?

It is not clear on how much it cost to join in this program as it is not mentioned anywhere in their official site. I have read somewhere from a non reliable source that it is free to join but the minimum deposit is of 25 dollars. The site says nothing about any minimum deposit so it is not possible to verify this claim.

You can invest into the Solid Trade Bank with one of more than 35 types of payments like Perfect Money, bitcoin, and even western union.

what is the solid trade bank

How Much can I Earn?


The site never specifies how much you can earn from it but HYIP monitors say that you can earn 0.5 percent after 20 working days which is not too bad. Solid Trade Bank allows you to make and withdraw deposits using many methods like PerfectMoney. You also get referral commissions and active members get additional bonuses. A calculator is available online so that you can use it to know how much you can earn from your investment.

I am not sure whether you can earn money or not. HYIP monitors’ rating for Solid Trade Bank rings many sirens for me. I have not yet specified whether this financial institution is a scam or not so just keep reading.


Are there any Complaints?

There are plenty of complaints about this program but I have stated the major one below.


Although the program claims that they are safe and reliable, it is still not guaranteed. Most especially that there are not so many testimonials that proves that it actually works. I believe that if a program pays, they should be proud enough to show proofs in their official website.


Bottom Line

Before I conclude I have to tell you a thing or two about HYIP. HYIP means High Yield Investment Plan and it is basically an investment plan that offers high returns initially but later it stops paying as investors stop investing. HYIPs are based on Ponzi scheme and they should be avoided as they are very risky. Why am I mentioning about HYIP here will be cleared soon enough.

Solid Trade Bank is being considered as a HYIP and that is not a good thing especially for a financial institution. After taking a look at their official site and researching about them I am not entirely sure about this institution. I have no evidence to call them a scam and that is the only reason I am calling them legit. If I was in your position I still would not invest my money with this financial institution because it may be paying now but later it can turn out to be a scam. Good luck and choose wisely.


  • Great Earning Potential if Legit


  • HYIP has always been considered risky
  • A Gamble


How Do I Personally Earn Money Online?

I know that you want to put your money in Solid Trade Bank because you are tired going to work from 9-5. I feel that you are also tired of always being scolded by your boss right? Unfortunately, this is not the best answer to your problem.

Actually, I was also in the same situation as yours before. I thought that investing in programs would generate me a steady income, but then I was wrong. There is no such thing as easy money and I do believe that when you want something so badly, you should be able to give your time and effort to achieve it.

Now, your next question is, how can you really make money at home? My best suggestion would be through making your own online business. Basically it is a modern way of making money. And this will enable you to enjoy your working time at home. Basically, you will earn commissions from promoting other people’s products. You don’t own any product but you are making money from them.

Right now, I am on my first year in this program and I am already enjoying the fruits of my labor. So, I want to share my success with you.

Solid Trade Bank Review

Check out my review on the #1 recommended work at home opportunity.

If you have more questions and concerns about the Solid Trade Bank, feel free to comment it below and I would be glad to interact with you.

Let me hear your experiences on the comments below!

Best Regards,

John Rico

Solid Trade Bank Review

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Elliot DeBonee - May 23, 2017

I was told by support that this site is not a bank, that is just a name they use for it. they are an online investment site and registered.

    john rico - May 29, 2017

    Yes. But then, I am still not a fan of this kind of business. I believe that the risk is high and I don’t want to gamble on it.

Elliot DeBonee - December 26, 2016

think about this, banks in the usa guarantee your money because they are backed by the fdic insurance. this site claims they have insurance. to date i have always gotten my principle back from them. i also have withdrawn my profit or my principle+profit. I will tell you this, their was a time when they had an issue paying me and they sent me an email telling me this to let me know and then i changed my e wallet id on the site.

    john rico - January 3, 2017

    It is good to know that you shared your experience with Solid Trade Bank. This goes to show that the program somehow works. This will also be a good help for those people are thinking of joining this program.

Elliot DeBonee - December 26, 2016

Solidtradebank returns your principle after 20 days, you get profit on bussiness days only(Monday-Friday). for example 25 usd would get you 0.13 per day in your account balance which is withdrawable. and after 20 days your principle is returned to your account balance for withdraw. I have been with this site for around 2 years now. I asked support about the site and they said they have hired their own traders for the site.

    john rico - January 3, 2017

    I think that 2 years is still not enough to prove this program but you can still take risk and give it a try. I suggest that people still be cautious in investing their money, and only spend according to your budget. I am happy that you are having returns from your investments.

Chris - April 30, 2016

This was a opportunity that interested me a couple of months ago but I have found that most, if not all High Yield Investment Programmes, are Ponzi schemes and therefore scams. I mean, I feel like I’m using a fruit machine in vegas with them – I can’t quite take on something that cannot guarantee my moneys safety. What do you think?

    john rico - April 30, 2016

    I have the same sentiment as you about this HYIP programs like the Solid Trade Bank. Actually, most people are intrigued with this kind of programs because it promises to give you high earnings with just investing your money. They don’t even give you many work load for you to earn profit.

    This alerts me because I believe that there is no such thing as easy money. And if you think of it, if it is that easy to earn this big amount of money, then everyone should be rich by now right?

      Nana Kwame - April 12, 2017

      I have made interest on deposit to solid trade bank, and able to withdraw, since last month. I know this bank for a year now but I am still giving it a try. I think they know what they are doing. The interest is 0.5% stable. Please do not invest what you can’t afford to loose. But so far so good.

        john rico - April 16, 2017

        I am glad that you still haven’t lose your money from this program but I still suggest that be careful and keen about them. Like what you have said, don’t spend the money that you can’t afford to loose.


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