What is the South Hill Designs? Read This First Before Joining



What is the South Hill Designs

Are you also asking, what is the South Hill Designs? Do you wonder if it is a legit business opportunity or just a scam? To clear your doubts about it, read first my in depth review about it.

what is the south hill designs?

South Hill Designs is a company that was founded by Brian Palmer and Joe Ochoa. The company was founded in the year 2012 and it has shown amazing growth in a period of some years. The company sells jewelry. There are various categories of jewelries to choose from such as lockets, screens and coins, charms and some other categories. If you choose one category, then you will find various products belonging to that category.

This company has managed to grab my attention and that is why I am going to write a review on the business side of this company. This review is totally honest and I am not related to the company at all. So let us begin.


how does south hill designs works?

You will be called an Independent Artist once you join the company and become part of it. You will have to buy the Independent Artist Business Kit to be a part of the company. Once you are an Independent Artist you can use one of the following ways to earn from this business:

Retail Sales: You will earn from your Retail Sales a percentage of commission between 20-40%. If your Personal Retail Sales are less than $499 or equal to $499 then you will earn only 20% commission. The commission will increase when you increase your Personal Retail Sales as well as your Group Retail Volume. On $5,000 PRS or $20,000 GRV you will earn 40% commission. You will earn commissions on the basis of your monthly figures. The HVP bonus is the additional 5-20% you can earn in addition to the retail commission.

Enroller Bonus: You become eligible for this bonus when you qualify for Team Builder or higher positions. This bonus is paid at 6% of Bonus Volume assigned to the sales of a downline enrollee. Enroller Bonus is paid on E1 and E2 once you qualify for Team Leader or above positions. E2 is your second downline enrollee.

Management Level Bonus: This bonus also depends on the position that you qualify for in a particular month. You will earn 4 percent of Bonus Volume for each level up to 4 levels deep when you qualify for Director. Director earns the most from this bonus and the earnings drop as in lower levels.

Others: There are some other ways to earn such as Leader Generation Bonuses, Lifestyle Bonuses and Executive Generation Bonuses.

If you want to be considered “Active” then you will have to maintain a minimum of $400 in Personal Bonus Volume in the qualifying month. I think this is not good at all for you. Overall the compensation plan offers various opportunities, but there are some drawbacks like the one I mentioned above.


how much does it cost to join?

There are three kits available and you can choose the one that suits you more. The kits and their prices are listed below:

Social Intro: $59 ($140 value)

Social Starter: $199 ($600 value)

Social Essentials: $299 ($900 value)

I think if you ever join this company then you should go with the cheapest kit as it minimizes the risk. You can always order more products from the company if you are able to sell more than expected.


how much can I earn?

This opportunity has unlimited earning potential, but that is true for most companies. The fact of the matter is most people fail in these kinds of businesses and only people around 3 percent earn the income they want. If you know how to sell jewelry and if you know how to recruit talented people then you can succeed. The success is not at all guaranteed and if you do not have the necessary skills, then you will most likely fail. I always search for reviews of previous employees when I write about a company and here the reviews are not positive. This company is new and many companies that have been around for several decades do not provide the income people desire so I think it is wrong to blame this company.

The earnings will be some hundred dollars if you work hard and to earn thousands of dollars per month you need to have special skills combined with hard work. You must know how to convince strangers into buying the jewelry. You must know how to recruit the right person for your team. You must understand many things about the company as well as the market. There are several things that you need to get right if you want to earn thousands of dollars per month.


are there any complaints?

I wish I could say no but unfortunately there are some complaints. I have explained some complaints below.

Some employees complain about lack of communication.

Some employees say that the company is unstable and does not value its employees.



This is not a scam and to call this a scam would be unwise. However, I still do not recommend joining this company for the reasons that I have explained throughout the review. I think you can do much better somewhere else. This company is new and maybe after some years it will be a better opportunity, but for now you should look for something else. Good luck and choose wisely.



I know that you want to join in South Hill Designs MLM business because you are hoping that it could help you earn decent income to pay for your expenses and bills. Unfortunately, this is not the answer to your problem.

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If you have questions and concerns about the South Hill Designs, feel free to comment it below and I would be happy to interact with you.

Let me hear your experiences in the comments below!

Best Regards,

John Rico


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