What is the Springboard America? Is it Worth Your Time and Effort?


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what is the springboard america

What is the Springboard America? Is it a legit survey site? Can you really earn extra cash from it? To clear the doubts you have in mind, here is my review about Springboard America.

I have always been making reviews about survey sites. But this is somehow different because I learned about this site from my cousin. Last night, my cousin told me to fill up a form online. He said that he will give me a dollar for doing so. He also added that he will give me another dollar if I answer two surveys. Since I have nothing to do, I decided to do it. Although it was a little cash, it is still easy money though. I got intrigued on what Springboard America really is so I decided to explore and make an in depth review about it. So here it goes.


What is the Springboard America?

what is the springboard americaSpringboard America is an online market research website that offers rewards in exchange for answering surveys and participating in discussions. Most of the surveys are about popular brands, products and services that we use everyday. It was launched in the year 2009 and serves US residents only.


How Does Springboard America Works?

After you have filled up their membership form, you will need to activate your account through clicking the activation link sent to your email.

Unlike other survey sites out there that has several ways of earning online such us watching videos and taking part in offers, Springboard America has only one way of earning. It is through completing surveys.

This is an advantage for its members because they will be focused in one job and will give them a chance to master survey taking. On the other hand, the downside for this is that there is a big tendency that you will get bored throughout the process because there is no diversity.

completing surveys

Surveys are usually sent to your email. Each survey invitation has a link which you can click to access the survey proper. You can also log in to your account and go to your member page to see the available surveys they have given you.

The payout for each survey varies and depends with the length and complexity.  On average it takes 5 – 10 minutes to complete one survey. Surveys are paid with survey dollars or a contest draw ticket. They usually give 0.50 – 2 survey dollars for every survey that you complete.

limited surveys given each month

One concern that I have with Springboard America is that there is only limited surveys given to its members. Typically, you will be just invited to one to four surveys each month.

The reason for this one is because they strictly follow quotas which means that there is a specific number of surveys needed per month. So this means that not everyone will be given a chance to be invited.

As for me that has always been answering surveys online, this is somehow frustrating since other survey sites out there offers tons of surveys per month. Actually after I have completed my first survey in Springboard America, there are no more surveys available.

what is the springboard america

Earn 2 survey dollars by having a referral

By the way, you can also earn some points by referring the program to your family and friends. You will be given two survey dollars for every person that you sign up and has completed at least two surveys. But make sure that you use the refer a friend button in your account in order for your points to be credited.


How Do I Redeem My Points? 

In order to see how much points you have, just click the survey dollars tab and proceed to view your account. You will see there your total points balance, total points available and total points earned.

what is the springboard america

Basically you will need 50 survey dollars before you can redeem your points for rewards. Once you have reached this amount, you can click the redeem button and choose the reward that you want. You can exchange it for gift card such as Amazon gift card or proceed to Paylution which enables you to have direct deposit to your bank.

If you choose Paylution, you will receive your activation link from them within 4 – 5 weeks of submitting your redemption request. Once activated, you will receive your reward within 1 week.


How Much Can I Earn?

coins-990693_960_720I know right now you are eager to know how much can you really earn from Springboard America. Let me tell you, not that much! To have a better understanding on what I am talking about let us have a small computation assuming that you have just started in the survey site.

As what I have said earlier, you will only be invited a maximum of 4 surveys per month. So 4 multiplied by 2 survey dollars, you will have 8 points per month. I didn’t include the referral program yet because this takes much time before your points will be credited.

So if we will think of it, you will need more than 6 months before you can earn your 50 points and redeem your reward. That is a pretty long time for earning a little amount.



Springboard America is legit. It offers a real way of earning online through completing surveys and even referring the program to family and friends. However if you are thinking to make it as a source of income then I don’t recommend it.

The time and effort that you are giving to answering surveys is not compensated enough. And you really need long amount of time before you can earn that much money.

I know that you want to join in Springboard America because you are hoping that it can help you with your expenses such as paying the bills or even the monthly rent. Actually, I was also in the same shoes as your a year ago. I though that survey sites will be the answer to my problem. I joined in several sites, and spent much time into it. But later on, I realized that I am not getting enough. That’s why I decided to quit in it.

On the other hand, I am not disappointed that I bumped into surveys sites. Because it is with them that I learned about Wealthy Affiliate. It is like an online community that teaches its members on how to build their own online business. Right now, I am on my fifth month in the program and everything seems to go according to plan.

Let me end this review with one question.

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If you have more questions, concerns, or prior experience about Springboard America, please fell free to comment it below and I would be glad to interact with you.

Best Regards,

John Rico


By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.


  1. Enjoyed your article, it contained much needed information. I tried doing online surveys, thinking if i signed up with enough companies I could possibly make a decent extra income. After wasting a lot of time doing them and gaining nothing I realized this was a waste of my time, seemed more and more like the surveys that paid the big money was in the far, far distant future. Like you, the good thing I discovered while messing around with different surveys is Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been excited and working with it ever since. I have the feeling that if I stick with Wealthy Affiliate, I will finally be able to make some extra income. Great job!

  2. Oh, here we go again with yet another survey site that says it will pay you to take surveys. These kinds of websites have been around for years, and hardly anyone ever earns any decent amount of money from them. I don’t know why these sites keep popping up all the time. There must be so many gullible people who sign up to them, and there must be so many affiliates promoting them so cleverly that the gullible people are taken in by them.

    1. I think people go into survey sites because they offer simple tasks that almost anyone can do. And we can’t deny that people prefer doing easy job than giving time to the hard ones. But the downside for this surveys is the little payout they give.

      Honestly, I was also into survey sites before. I though that it would help me on my financial problems. But I realized that it is not what I am looking for. I wanted to have an online job that will give me more income. That’s when I learned about affiliate marketing. Right now, I am already on my fifth month in the program and everything seems go according to plan. So have you already heard of Wealthy Affiliate?

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