What is the Swagbucks?

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What is the Swagbucks
Are you looking for ways to earn online? Do you really want to know what is the Swagbucks all about? Here is my in depth review about the website.


Before we jump into the review proper, let me say that I have always been making reviews about various survey sites. I made this as a habit because I want to share with you my experiences about these kinds of programs. I hope that this will help you learn more about it. By the way, if you want to start another way to earn online, check out my review on the #1 recommended work at home opportunity.


What is Swagbucks?

What is Swagbucks
Swagbucks offers rewards for those who wants to discover things that they are interested in. Basically you will earn SB(Swagbucks) when you answer surveys, shop on your favorite online store, play the most popular games, watch trending videos, or even just searching the web.
You can redeem these saved SB for cash or even gift cards from over 140 brands from there rewards store including Amazon, Paypal and Walmart.
In this review, I will take a closer look into Swagbucks and determine whether this is a scam or not. I suggest that you read the entire review before joining this survey site.
What is the Swagbucks

How does Swagbucks Works?

Most people think that Swagbucks are just for taking paid surveys. But let me tell you, answering surveys is not the only way of earning in here. There are plenty of ways that you could choose from depending on what your needs are.

These are just some of the ways that you can earn in Swagbucks.

1.  Search in the Internet

What is the Swagbucks

Swagbucks pays you when you use it as a search engine. Actually it is powered by Yahoo. You may be thinking that every time you do a search you will earn SB. Unfortunately, the earnings that you will get per search is in random. When I first tried the search engine, it gave me an instant 20SB (Try it for yourself). One thing that swagbucks recommend is to make it as a default search engine. So that every time you do a research you will get a chance to earn a SB.

This is the simplest way on earning in Swagbucks. Just search and you will earn.

Extra Tip: Downloading the Toolbar and using it once a day will earn you 1SB.


2. Play Games

what is the swagbucks

Swagbucks also gives SB when you make an in-game purchase. This means that when you register in a game and deposit money to play, you will earn SB. Usually you will be given 12 SB for every dollar you spend. Always remember that it only works when you login your gaming account using Swagbucks . The good thing in here is that  whether you win or lose, your Sb will be credited immediately. And no matter how you play the game, you will still earn the same SB.

This is the one that I don’t feel using because there are already plenty of free games online that I can play with. Although I can earn SB for every game I play, I will still need to deposit money in order to proceed in the actual game. Usually the minimum cost to deposit is $9.99 and in exchange you will be given 5 spins for a chance to earn up to 1200SB.


3. Watch Videos

what is the swagbucks

If you think that earning when you play games is out of this world, then you may be shocked because you are also paid when you watch your favorite videos using Swagbucks. There are dozen of categories that you could choose from including Comedy, Entertainment, Fashion, Fitness, Health and so many more.

You maybe thinking that you can just stay at your home, watch videos all day and make it as a full time job. But let me tell you, there is a 150 SB limit per day for using their video channel. Usually you will earn 2SB per video.

This feature is the one I like the most because I am fond of watching videos online. However, I am disappointed that they gave it a maximum amount for earning. I somehow understand it because everybody can just turn on their laptop and play videos all day right?

Extra Tip: Just play the videos in your laptop when you do something else. 500 videos a day can earn you the maximum 150 SB.


4. Shop Online

what is the swagbucks

If you are an avid  fan of shopping online, then this is the one for you. You will get back a percentage of the total money you spent when you click the store of your choice in Swagbucks.

This is also one of my favorite because most often I prefer shopping online. It is less the hassle and I can just do it at home. Among my favorite online stores is Amazon. It used to give 3 percent cashback for every dollar you spend. But now it is already 4 percent! It may seem as a small amount but when you accumulate it, it will be bigger. As for the other stores: BestBuy (1%); Walmart (3%); Old Navy (6%); Macy’s (6%).


5. Answer Surveys

what is the swagbucks

There are different kinds of surveys that you can take in Swagbucks. This includes Gold Surveys, Partner Surveys, and Peanut Labs. Keep in mind that most of the surveys takes from 10-20 minutes to finish.  You can see the SB amount to be paid beside each survey. In average, one survey pays 75 SB.

Answering survey is my least favorite. Although the earning potential can be good, what I don’t like about it is you can still be disqualified in the middle of taking the survey. It is because your demographics may not match the things that the company is looking for. So even if you are already in the 10th minute of a 20 minute survey, if you will not qualify with their criteria, then you will be screened out. But you will still be given 1SB for the effort given.

Extra Tip: Do the daily poll to earn extra 1SB per day.


6. Try New Offers

what is the swagbucks

You can also earn SB with shopping offers, free trials, charity and donations . This is the most paid way in Swagbucks. However in return, you will need to register in the offer and provide valuable information into the company. Sometimes, they also ask for your credit or debit card number. Although you are given big amount of SB that can reach up to 20000SB, giving valuable information like credit card numbers is just too risky.

Extra Tip: Join Bing rewards to earn 500 Swagbucks code for 475 points


How Much can I Earn?

what is the swagbucks

After you accumulate enough Swagbucks, you can now exchange it for gift cards or even cash. My favorite gift card is from the amazon which is a 3$ gift card that you can redeem for 300SB. It is a good thing that there are gift cards that you can get in small amount of SB because there are times that it is really hard to earn points.

What is the Swagbucks


How about the Cash?

what is the swagbucks

If you are asking about a pay out that is in cash, then you need to redeem your points in Paypal. The minimum amount that you can get is 25$ which is equivalent to 2500SB.

You may be wondering how much can you earn in a day given that you do everything that is needed to be done. Let me tell you, Not that much!

To make my point clear, let us make a small computation on what will be your average earning if you put full effort in here. By the way, one swag buck is more or less equivalent to one cent. Now let us do the math.

Assuming that in one day, you did every single way to earn. Let’s say it is your first time to use Swagbucks and you downloaded the toolbar and made it as a default search engine, that is 1SB + 20SB . You also made an in-game purchase worth $10 which earns you 120SB. You watched 500 videos for that day that earned you 150SB. You also bought something in Amazon worth 35$ so you will be given 140SB. Then you took 10 surveys for 75SB each. Lastly you also joined the Bing rewards that earned you 475SB.

Let’s add it all up : 21 + 120 + 150 + 140 + 750 + 475 = 1656SB. That’s equivalent to $16.56!

If you think about it, It is still less than the amount that you can earn if you work on a job with minimum wage. Of course, we cannot expect to get a high pay in doing such simple tasks right?


Bottom Line

Swagbucks is definitely a legit way to earn online. If you have so much extra time and you want to use it to make extra cash then, Swagbucks can help you.

Although it offers money in exchange of doing simple tasks, you can’t deny that the payout for answering surveys, trying offers or playing games is not enough. Even if you spend so much time in it, there are still limitations on how much you can earn in a day.

If you think about it, the time and effort you are exerting is not proportional to the amount you are receiving. And based on the computation that we had made earlier, Swagbucks can’t earn you a living. I am not saying that it is no good, what I am saying is that it can’t substitute your full time job in financing your daily needs.


  • Easy Tasks
  • Free to Join


  • Not Enough Surveys
  • Minimum Earnings is hard to achieve

What is the Swagbucks


Is there other way to earn online?

I know that you are eager to try Swagbucks because you want to find another way to earn some extra income. I feel that you are already exhausted of going to work from 9-5 and you already want to try some other ways to earn money. Unfortunately, this is not the answer to your problem.

Actually, I was also in the same situation as yours before. I thought that survey sites is the answer to my money problems. I was thinking that it can be a good source of income but I realized that the earnings that I can get is not worth it. I also got discouraged about it because even if I work more hours per day,  I still can’t get the extra earnings that I desire.

Now, your next question is, how can you really make money? My best suggestion would be through building your own online business. Basically it is a modern way of earning at home. Did you know that Amazon is the biggest affiliate business online? They earn commissions from promoting other people’s products. They don’t own any product but they are making money from them.

Right now, I am on my tenth month in this program and I am already enjoying the fruits of my labor. So, I want to share my success with you.

Right now, I am on my tenth month in this program and I am already enjoying the fruits of my labor. So, I want to share my success with you.

Check Out My Review on the #1 Recommended Work at Home Opportunity

If you have more questions, concerns or prior experience about Vivatic, feel free to comment it below and I would be happy to help you.

Best regards,

John Rico

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  1. I have been seeing a lot about Swagbucks online, but this is the first time I read about it. It sounds like a good way to get paid for things you already enjoy doing, but not a primary focus for someone wanting to put food on their table. Do you know if minor children can earn from Swagbucks? Maybe I could do some tasks, and my son can get paid for what he does online too? What are your thoughts?

  2. Hey there,

    I have been working in swagbucks for a good while now and although it does pay to use their search engines and play games, the money is not good enough for someone who is looking to earn a living online.

    I am happy that you have provided a better recommendation. I have checked it out and have seen it is worthwhile. I’ll be updating you on my progress.

    • Swagbucks can be an alternative source of income if you want simple tasks online. So it is definitely worth it if you have plenty of time.

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