What is the Thrive Life? Is It a Scam to Watch Out For?

What is the Thrive Life

Do you want to know what is the Thrive Life? Have you heard about it from your friend and made you curious if it can give you some legit income? To clear your doubts about this MLM business, read first my in depth Thrive Life review.

Before I go to the review proper, I want to point out that I have always been doing reviews about money making programs. I do this reviews because I was once scammed by this companies and I don’t want you to do the same mistakes as I did. By the way If you want to start a legit online business for free, Check out the #1 recommended work at home job

Thrive Life Review

What is the Thrive Life?

Jason Budge and Steve Palmer wanted to help people around the world to become more self- reliant. They started the company that was known as Shelf Reliance in 2004. Now the company Shelf Reliance is known as Thrive Life.

Thrive Life is a multi-level marketing company. You can buy your food supplies from Thrive Life and there are various categories to choose from such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy, beverages and much more. 

They also sell food storage systems so that you can store the food for long term.

In this review I will try to cover every aspect of the Thrive Life business. I know that you are curious if it is a scam or not. So if you are thinking about joining Thrive Life, then this review is for you.

How Does Thrive Life Works?

It can sometimes be difficult to understand the Compensation Plan of an MLM company, but I am here to help you.

When you are a consultant of Thrive Life then you will earn based on the lowest qualifying total. Monthly totals are calculated on the basis of calendar month.

You must meet specific totals for personal Thrive Q order, total personal sales for the month, and total team sales for the month if you want to earn from your team and qualify for progress in rank.

Let us take a look at the ways you can earn from Thrive Life Compensation Plan:


You will earn 20% to 32% commission on all the first month Q orders, depending on the total $ amount of all the Q’s you sign up for that month. I will explain what a Q order is a little later.


You can earn the most income from your team. You are paid commissions on all the parties and reoccurring Q sales going on in your team. You are also paid up to 3 levels deep.

You will also earn $50 for every new Consultant you enroll in your team. The percentage of commission paid depends on your rank in the organization.


You will earn as long as your customer continues to order the Q. If a customer orders Q for long term then you will earn long term.

There are various other ways to earn and you can refer to the Home Party Consultant Training Manual online to know about them.

Overall I liked the compensation plan, but it has certain drawbacks. Your progress and team earnings depend on meeting certain totals and if those are not met then your progress and team earnings will suffer. Thrive Q is a custom order business that is delivered monthly to your doorstep.


How much does it Cost to Join?

Obviously, if you want to join this company then you have to purchase a starter kit. There are various starter kits available and their names and prices are listed below.

Social Seller: $129

Business Builder: $259

Business Builder Plus: $439

You can choose whatever kit you want based on your needs, but choosing the cheapest kit is wise because that way you will risk less money.

I think that their starter kits are too expensive, compared to other MLM business out there. But it is just fair because of the types of products they offer.

So I suggest that you think several times before you invest your hard earned money.


How Much Can I Earn?

It is really hard in any MLM company to earn money and Thrive Life is no exception. Those who have previous experience will struggle and those who do not have any previous experience will find things like team building very hard.

There are some exceptions, but those people are lucky and hardworking. If you work really hard then you can expect to earn around 500 dollars per month, but that is not what everyone earns.

I believe that you can earn much more if you find something that suits you better and work hard at it. So, I am not at all happy with the average earnings from this company.


Are there Any Complaints?

Yes there are some complaints, so let us take a look at them.


One major complaint about MLM business is that there is no certainty of earnings. It is because even if you spend much time into it, but you don’t achieve your quota, you still can’t get your commissions.


It is undeniable that there is too much competition in the local market. Although the products that Thrive Life offers are good, there are far way cheaper alternatives that you can buy in the local store. Thus makes your sales even harder.


Bottom Line

Thrive Life is not a scam at all. I know there are some complaints, but those complaints do not prove that this is a scam.

There are some complaints against many MLM companies, but that does not mean that they are scams. So I do not recommend this company to you.

The products are good, but the business side is not worth your time. You will have to put in the hours and still there is no guarantee that you will make money. The final decision is in your hands so choose wisely.


  • Unique Product Line
  • Learn Entrepreneurial Skills


  • Risky for Beginners
  • Earnings is not Guaranteed
  • Maintain Monthly Points to Earn Commission


How I Personally Earn Money Online?

I know that you want to join in Thrive Life MLM business because you are hoping that it could help you earn decent income to pay for your expenses and bills.

Actually, I was also in the same situation as yours before. I thought that MLM business will help me with paying my debts. But I was wrong. I just spent money and didn’t even get the income I expected.

You might be asking, how can you really earn some money at home? My suggestion would be making your own online business.  This is a modern way of making money. And this will enable you to enjoy your working time at home. Basically, you will earn from just helping other people on what they want.

Right now, I am on my eight month in this community and I am already earning from it. So I want to share my success with you.

Thrive Life Review

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If you have questions and concerns about the Thrive Life MLM business, feel free to comment it below and I would be happy to interact with you.

Let me hear your experiences in the comments below!

Best Regards,

John Rico

Thrive Life Review

2 comments on “What is the Thrive Life? Is It a Scam to Watch Out For?

  1. Thrive may not be a scam, but I would recommend anyone that is just starting out online to stay away, especially with the kind of prices that they are talking about. Your main focus as a beginner should not be trying to find a product or system to sale. You should be in search of knowledge.For example, I really like the #1 recommended business on this website for one good reason… Wealthy Affiliate actually teaches you how everything works… Do you know how to attract thousands of people on a daily basis.. on top of that, would you know how to turn those people into sales? There is so much to learn! I told you first, “knowledge is wealth”

    • I agree with you knowledge is the main key of achieving your goals. In every business that you want to invest in, you should first spend some time in learning all its aspects. In this way, you will have a better understanding on how it works. I think that thrive life is an okay company and it can offer earning potenial to those who have a passion in the products they are promoting.

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