What is the Total Life Changes? Is This MLM Company A Scam?

What is the Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes Review

What is Total Life Changes?

Total Life Changes is a multi-level marketing company that sells supplements, skincare products and energy drinks among other products. They have even started selling clothes, but the main focus is still on the health and wellness products. I am sure that you have heard of similar MLM companies like Herbalife and Amway. The health and wellness niche is surely one of the most competitive niches, so keep that in your mind.

Jack Fallon is the founder of this company, and he is also serving as the President. This company was founded in the year 1999, which means that they have stood the test of time. However, there are a lot of companies in this niche that have been around for a lot longer.

In this review, we will see if this company is a pyramid scheme like some people claim. This review is not biased because I am not an associate of this company.

How does Total Life Changes work?

You need to be active to earn from the compensation plan. The minimum qualification to be active is 40 Personal Qualifying Volume that you can generate through selling the products or purchasing them for yourself. You need to meet the qualification monthly to be considered active. The qualification will be a little higher for higher ranks.

Let us take a look at the ways of earning money through the compensation plan of this company.

Retail Sales: You can earn 50% commission on your product sales. This is a really high percentage when compared to most MLM companies. Your product sales will also generate commissionable volume that will be used to generate more commissions for you.

Fast Start Bonus: When you personally refer someone to this company, then you can earn 50% of their first order. You can do this unlimited number of times. You will also get commissionable volume like retail sales from the initial order. Some associates may order a lot more than others, so the earnings can be higher in certain cases.

Binary Commissions: Binary commissions are based on the binary team structure. This team structure works by placing the first two people that you sponsor in two different teams (your right leg and your left leg). Each person in your team will either be placed in your right leg or your left leg. There is no limit to the number of people that you can have on your binary team. People can be added to your binary team by you, your team as well as your upline.

You need to sponsor two people who are active, or you will not qualify to earn this bonus. You can earn in the range of 10% to 25% from the binary commissions depending on your weaker leg or team’s commissionable volume. The weaker leg will be the one with the less commissionable volume. You can earn as much as $20,000 from the binary commissions per week.

Matching Bonus: This bonus will pay you 50% of the Binary Commissions earned by people that you personally sponsored. You can not only earn on level one distributors, but you can also earn on level two distributors. You can earn much as 50% matching bonus on level 2 distributors as well.
The combined binary and matching bonus pay cannot be more than 60% of your weak leg’s volume per week. If it is higher than that, then you won’t be paid beyond 60%.

Life Changer Bonus: The qualifications for this bonus are quite high, and only the people at the higher ranks can earn it. You will get paid $1,500 monthly if you qualify for this bonus. This can really help the people at the higher levels manage some of their business-related expenses.

I have covered all of the ways of earning money through the compensation plan above. Only retail sales depend on your sales, and the rest of the ways of earning money depend on your team and your rank. It is also important to stay active at all times to avoid missing out on bonuses and commissions.

The compensation plan is fine when compared to other MLM companies. It is very rewarding for those who climb the ranks and build a strong team.

How much does it cost to join?

You will have to buy a Business Starter Kit for $35 to join as well as choose at least one product or pack. Following are the different packages and their prices.

Basic Builder Pack: $99
Professional Pack: $159.95
Entrepreneur Pack: $319.95

There are a lot of products that you can choose from with different prices, so I will not list all of them here. The cheapest product that you can buy costs $49.95. So, you can join for as low as $84.95. It is not a high amount of money especially for joining MLM companies.

How much can I earn?

The company hasn’t released an Income Disclosure Statement, which would have been very helpful in estimating the earning potential. However, I have no doubt that the failure rate would be really high like other MLM companies. MLM companies have a more than 95% failure rate. You can pick any MLM company and see that more than 95% people failed with only a few exceptions.

There are several reasons for the high failure rate like no training, competition, difficulty in climbing ranks and recruiting, difficulty in selling the products, etc. The company does offer plenty of products, but they operate in a really competitive niche with a lot of well-known brands. Their prices aren’t exactly the lowest either. So, it would be quite challenging to sell the products when you have no experience.

Recruiting is going to be even more difficult. You will have to approach family and friends and try to convince them to join. Even if they join, it is likely that they will quit within their first year. So, you will need to find a way of recruiting people who don’t quit and do well in this business if you want to succeed.

In short, you will most likely fail to earn a full-time income through this company even after putting in the effort.

Are there any complaints?

Yes, I have listed some complaints below.
My team member placed an order for one bottle of NutraBurst Plus, and the order processed three times.
TLC had a system error, and they sent out bad checks.
Source: Better Business Bureau


Total Life Changes is not a scam in my opinion. I don’t see why the average Joe should join this company. They have a high failure rate, and a lot of people seem to complain about not getting delivery or refunds. The compensation plan is not great either. Good luck.

This company has stood the test of time.
Plenty of products
The products seem to work in most cases

High failure rate
Low income potential
Some products may have side effects

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