What is the ZoomBucks? Is it Worth your Time?


What is the ZoomBucks

Are you also confused on what is the ZoomBucks? Are you in doubt if it really is worth your time? Before you jump into conclusion, read first my review about it.

ZoomBucks Review


What is ZoomBucks?

What is the ZoomBucks

ZoomBucks is a get paid to website wherein  it allows users to earn points for doing things they already do online such as completing surveys, watching videos and even referring the site to friends. You can exchange this points into gift cards and rewards.



How Does ZoomBucks Works?

When you join in Zoombucks, you will be given a confirmation link sent to your email. Once you click it, you will receive an instant 5 ZoomBucks that goes into your account. By the way, zoombucks is the monetary amount used in the website.

Like in any other get paid to sites, there are several ways on how you can earn in ZoomBucks.

1. Complete Offers

what is the zoombucks

The First way of earning in ZoomBucks is through completing offers. Some of the offers that you need to take are downloading software, joining free sites, signing up for trial offers and purchasing items. On average, the payout for offers runs from 3 ZB to as high as 500 ZB. Basically the higher the payout the more personal the information they want from you. Like in the example above, the 253 ZB can only be credited if you provide them with you credit card information.

By the way, if ever that you haven’t receive a payout for an offer you took, you have 20 days to initiate a ticket regarding this problem.

2. Do Surveys

what is the zoombucks

Before you start doing surveys, you first need to complete the initial sign up process. This is needed in order to give you more appropriate surveys. You just need to answer common questions like what country do you live or what is your primary language.

There are various surveys that you can choose from. Basically the payout ranges from 20ZB to 100ZB per survey. Of course the payout depends on the length and kind of survey you are taking. Some of the surveys has an age limit. I almost forgot, you should remember that it is not always that you can take survey because some of them are hard to qualify for.

3. Watch Videos

You can also earn by watching videos. There are various categories that you can choose from. Actually, this one is the easiest thing to do because you can just leave your video streaming while you are doing something else. Although the payout is not that big compared to the offers and surveys. Zoombucks gives 2ZB when you hit the 10 in the video meter.

4. Listen Radio

If your fond of listening to the radio, then this is the one for you. You can get zoombucks everytime you complete a Captcha. Captcha appears after 30 minutes of listening. By the way, there are different payout for different countries that you reside that ranges from 0.02ZB to 3ZB.

5. Refer Offers to Friends

Promoting some offers to your friends can also earn you ZB. As of now, the only approved sources are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. But before you can refer, you first need to apply fro the social sharing program and provide a reason on why you will use this program.

Once accepted, you will already see the list of offers that you can promote including the amount of payout in its side. Accounts are processes within 1-3 business days.

You can also refer people to join Zoombucks to earn even more. You just have to share you referral link and made them sign up from it. You can copy your link in your referrals section.

6. Complete Tasks

what is the zoombucks

There are also tasks that you can participate in. Each task has its specific instructions that you should follow. The amount that you can earn depends on the difficulty of the task you started. On average, it is paid 0.60ZB to 1ZB. By the way, the tasks are provided by CrowdFlower.


7. Play Games

If you are fond of playing games online, you can also do it in Zoombucks. The games are usually free and you will get your ZB points when you purchase credits for the game.

8. Buy Zoombucks

what is the zoombucksAside from the various ways that I  have stated, Zoombucks also allows you to buy ZB for $0.01 each. You can purchase a minimum of 10 ZB up to 2000 ZB. There is a $0.30 transaction fee for every purchase you make.





How Much Can I Earn?

The only way that you can redeem your points for cash is through paypal gift cards. The minimum needed points is 500ZB in order to get a 5$ paypal gift card. There are also other gift cards that you can choose from like Amazon, Target and even Walmart.

Right now you are asking, how much can you really earn in Zoombucks. Let me tell you, Not that much! To have a better understanding on why I have said this, let us have a small computation on your earning potential assuming that you have just joined the program and you spent 8 hours a day completing the surveys and tasks.

Let us say, you have answered 20 surveys which took you 20 minutes each. On average, you will earn 60ZB for each one. So that will be a total of 1200ZB. You also have completed 3 offers worth 30ZB each. That will be an additional 90ZB.

If we will add it all up, 1200 + 90 = 2100ZB. And if we will redeem it for a paypal gift card worth 500ZB, we will get 4 gift cards with an equivalent 5$ each. All in all, you have earned 20$ for all the work you have done in a day. That is obviously low, compared to working on a daytime job even at minimum wage.


Bottom Line

Zoombucks is a legit get paid to site. It offers several ways on how you can earn online and provides various opportunities to increase your earnings. However, as what we have seen in our computation, It is clearly not enough to give you an extra income that will help you pay the bills.

I know that you want to join Zoombucks because you are hoping that it will help you in your financial situation. Who doesn’t want to have an extra cash for groceries right? But If you will get a closer look into it, the time and effort that you will give to it just to earn a small cash is not that worth it.

I was also an avid fan of survey sites before, but later on I realized that the pay out I am getting is not enough to compensate the hard work I am giving. Fortunately, I have found the online business that suits what I really needed. I found it in Wealthy Affiliate.

But if you still want to join Zoombucks, it is your choice. Just remember this one question that I want to ask to you.

Why Earn Little in Survey Sites, If you can Earn More in Having your Own Online Business?

ZoomBucks Review

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If you have more questions and concerns about ZoomBucks or you have previous experiences on it, feel free to comment it below. I would be happy to help and listen to you.

Best Regards,

John Rico

ZoomBucks Review

By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.


  1. thank you for your review, it has probably saved people a lot, a lot of time. Some websites just are not practical for making money online efficiently and sort of provide false advertising now and again so you have done a really good job of reviewing it.
    Keep up the greta work and i look forward to seeing many of your articles in the future
    well done!

    1. There are plenty of websites that promote false earning. Or they exaggerate the income that you can get with just minimal work. Let me tell you, if a certain site gives a promising earning and they claim that you will not do anything, then think twice in joining.

      As for the Zoombucks, it is a legit survey site. However, I still don’t recommend it because of the little payout that you can get for the tasks that you need to accomplish. I mean, even if you spend your whole day in answering surveys, it would not still make you a living. By the way, have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate before?

  2. Great review John,
    Zoombucks sounds pretty decent but if anyone plans to make a full-time income online, its not a good from of online business. filling up surveys and watching videos give you too little earnings compared to how we will earn if we set up our own business where we can grow anytime and tweak according to how we like to make it better. Just my 2 cents, great read by the way. Keep it up!

  3. Thank you for this review of ZoomBucks. You are right when people need extra money they will grasp at anything to bring in some extra money, even sell their time cheaply. I know I was there a few years ago.

    Your review shows how little you are actually selling yourself short for…a pittance. Not worth it! Thanks again for this review.

    1. Not a problem. I always make this kind of reviews in order to give prior information to those people who wants to join in sites like ZoomBucks. We cannot blame people from jumping into this kind of earning because answering surveys is just an easy task and can be done at home. Although the pay is very little, most of us think that it is already enough extra cash.

      But little they know that if you would spend so much time in this kind of online job, then might as well they divert it to another way of earning online. I think internet marketing is far way better than just answering surveys online. Although it is just the same in terms of the time that you need to spend, the earnings that you can get is limitless.

  4. Oh, yawn! Here we go again with another one of these websites that pays people hardly any money for doing things like completing surveys and watching videos. These schemes never pay much at all, so the only people ever making big money from these are the people who promote them and manage to get loads of other people to sign up under them. I’m so glad you gave it a low rating because that means you are honest.

    I see so many of these programs about these days. It’s crazy that there are so many of them. Why do people get sucked in so easily?

    1. I think the major reason why people get sucked in to survey sites like Zoombucks so easily because it is free and easy to do. Although people wants to earn some extra cash, they don’t really want to give extra effort and time to commit into it. And with these survey sites, all you have to do is to answer surveys or watch videos which are basically easy and simple to do.

      I myself has also been an avid survey taker a year ago. I joined many survey sites hoping that I can earn more. However, later on, I realized that It is not what I am expecting. It is because all of my effort and hard work is not compensated that much. I am jut paid cents for every survey I finish. Sometimes, I don’t even finish a survey because I got screened out because of my demographics.

      But I did not regret that I tried these kind of online job. I am thankful that I bumped into this because I have learned about internet marketing. I am still building my business right now, but I know sooner or later this will blossom and earn me the extra cash that I really dreamed of.

  5. Hi,

    What a great review of ZoomBucks. I did not even know that this site existed before I found your review.

    I like how you broke down all of the ways that you can earn money in the ZoomBucks system. I am not sure I would have seen all these different ways.

    Even if I had I don’t think I would have understood what it takes to get a good understanding. I can see, based on your review, that it is probably not something that I would be interested in.

    I depend on reviews like this to help me make decisions when I am looking at some new program that I might be interested in.

    I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

    1. Reviews are really helpful when you are planning to join a certain program or to try a product. It is like a guide that will show you the ins and out of the program and gives you an idea whether it is worth it to join or not. As for the Zoombucks, it is definitely legit. However, if you are not interested in their way of earning then it is not for you. You should remember that before you commit yourself to something, you must learn to love it first. Or better yet, you must have a passion for it. So right now, do you have anything in mind that interests you the most that you can leverage?

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