What is the Zrii? Is it a Pyramiding Scam?

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what is the zrii

Are you also asking, what is the Zrii? Have you heard about it and thinking if it is a scam business? I suggest that you read first my full review about it before you jump into a conclusion.

Let me point out that I have always been making reviews about various MLM companies. I made this as a passion because I want to help people don’t do the same mistakes as I did before. If you want to start a legit way of earning, check out my review on the #1 recommended work at home opportunity.


What is Zrii?

what is the zriiZrii is a network marketing company that promotes health and wellness products based on Ayurveda (Indian origin of medicine). It offers financial opportunity through a home based business that gives people a chance to own their own business.

Zriii is available in different countries including United States, Canada, Australia, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru. It has been in the business since 2008.

In this review, I will take a closer look at Zrii MLM business and try to determine whether this is a scam or not. I am not a member and this review is completely unbiased. I recommend that you read the full review before thinking about joining this company.


How Does Zrii Network Marketing Works?

Like any other network marketing company they offer various ways on how you can earn money. By the way, I won’t touch anything about its product line since the focus of my review is their business plan.

Here are the various ways to earn in Zrii.



The first way of earning is through direct sales. Once you are already a member of Zrii, you can now start buying products in its wholesale price and sell it in its retail price. So, whenever your retail customer purchase a product from you, you will immediately earn your retail customer bonus. It is basically the difference of the price you bought the product and the price you sold them. On average, this bonus ranges from 30% to 50%.

Let us have an example. Let us say you bought a product kit for $99.95 and sold it in its retail price worth $129.95. So the difference of $30 will be your profit.


Preferred customer bonus is the same with the RC bonus in terms of earning from direct sales, but it differs in the way it is given. Once your customer enrolls as a preferred customer they will be able to receive their products every 4 weeks, but lower in price. It means a lower profit for you but consistent income per month.



When you refer 3 friends into the business whether it is a retail or preferred customer you are eligible to earn your loyalty reward dollars. 

what is the zrii

This program covers your 3 highest PC or RC orders. So let us say you have 3 orders worth $100, $150 and $200. So the average of those three is $150. That will be your loyalty reward that can cover your cost on purchasing products. This reward is calculated every 4 weeks.


You earn 20% commission on the first order of your referral. But before you can earn this bonus, you have to be a Z100 active. Z100 active is a status in Zrii wherein you must have a minimum of $100 worth of order for every 4 weeks period.


This is the same with the fast start bonus but double the earnings. Instead of 20%, you will earn 40% commission for the first order of your referral. You will only be eligible for this bonus if you purchase there premium packs and this is available for limited time only. Basically, this is only active for your first 4 full weeks in the business.


You can also earn when your referral buys premium packs. By the way, are you aware of the binary system of multi-level marketing business? In this type of system, you will have a left side and right side of referral. So every time you invites someone to join in Zrii, you will put them in either side that you want to.

what is the zrii

So if your referral on your left and right side purchases a premium pack, you will earn 25$ if your in Z100 status and $50 if your in Z200 status. You will also earn an additional commission if your referrals’ referral orders a premium pack. It will be another $50 for Z100 and $100 for Z200.

*Z200 status can be achieved if you have $200 minimum worth of order during the 4 weeks period.


When you are starting to build your team, you can also earn more bonus from the process. So when you achieve a certain amount of referrals you can also earn iPad mini, $1000 or even mercedez benz.


With the binary system that I just showed earlier, you can also earn from it through the team commissions. So at the end of each week, you will get 10% commission on every sale you have on the left side of your team that has a corresponding same amount on your right side.

So for example you earn $500 on the left and $500 on the right, you will earn $50 commission or 10% of the partnered amount.


This type of bonus  can only be earned if you already achieved a 4 star status. This level is achieved if you successfully built 4 levels of referrals. So this earning is earned whenever your referral makes their own team. You can earn as high as 20% commission of the total sales their total sales volume.


How Much does it Cost to Join?

what is the zrii Zrii offers different business packs. The cheapest among them is the Basic Pack worth $50 which includes the starter kit (brochure/dvd). You should take note that the basic pack has no product included.  

Other packs are Essentials, Pro and Premium Pack. The difference of these from the basic one is that they already have products included and marketing tools are also added. Basically the higher the price of pack you choose the more products they will give you. The Essential pack is worth $500; Pro pack is $1000; and Premium pack is worth $1500.


How Much Can I Earn?

Right now I am sure that you are asking, how much can you really earn from the Zrii business. Let me tell you, it depends. Even though they offer different ways on how you can earn some extra money, this doesn’t guarantee your success.

Selling or even recruiting people in this MLM business is not that easy. And as per my previous experience in this type of business, only those who have great marketing skills can earn that much money.


Are there Zrii Complaints?

Yes, and I have listed some of my major concerns about them.


Although the basic pack is just $50, you can’t definitely earn from it because you have no products to sell. So you need to buy products right? As what I have said above , other packs are worth $500 and up. We can’t deny the fact that $500 is a big amount. And if you are thinking of joining the business then it is definitely not a joke. I personally think that this amount of money to start a business is just too expensive. There are plenty of better alternatives out there that offers same earning potential but lower the starting cost.


Although Zrii offers training and seminars for its members to understand the business plan, the result of these are not secured. I mean, if you really want to succeed in network marketing you should develop your sales skills. Since you need to talk to a lot of people in order to sell your product, you should know the skills to convince them. It is not enough to only understand the process, you should also learn to apply it in real life.

For some, talking to other people is not a problem but for most of us, it is definitely not easy. Plus add the fact that you need to convince them in buying the product, that will be an additional challenge. You really ought to give much time in it, in order to attain the goal that you want to achieve.


Bottom Line

Zrii is a legit network marketing business. It offers different ways of earning including selling products and commissions from referrals.  Although the earning potential is somehow good, the success in this kind of business is still based on many factors.

You have to spend much money in order to start the business which for me is somehow very risky because you are not sure whether it is your cup of tea right? On the other hand, you also have to have enough sales skills because you will need to deal with a lot of people. With these reasons, I strongly don’t recommend this MLM business especially to those who are just stating in this kind of business.


  • Great Product Line
  • Learn Entrepreneurial Skills


  • Need to Maintain Monthly Quota
  • Earnings is not Guaranteed


Is there other way to EARN at home?

I know that you want to join in Zrii because you are hoping that it will help you earn some money to pay your expenses. But honestly, network marketing is just too complicated.

I myself has also tried this kind of business. At first you will be tempted to join because of the income that you can get, but once you are already inside, earning that much money is not that easy.

Right now, you maybe asking, how can you really earn at home? My best suggestion would be by making your own online business. You may feel that it is complicated, but this helped me earn extra money monthly.

Check out my review on the #1 recommended work at home opportunity.

If you have more questions, concerns or prior experience about Zrii, please feel free to comment it below and I would be happy to help you.

Best Regards,

John Rico


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Chris - April 30, 2017

I never heard of Zrii, but I’m not a stranger to MLM. I’ve looked into Tahitian Noni, A.C.T Energy Drink, Agel, Crave. I even met Robert Dean, and some other people in the T.O.P.G.U.N group. I really never been a fan, since your money mostly depends on how many people you recruit and stays with the company. I’m still interested in MLM, and like to read about new companies from time to time, so I’m glad I stumbled on this website. Affiliate marketing is more my thing, thanks for the review very comprehensive!

    john rico - April 30, 2017

    That is the common conception with MLM companies – your earning depend on the number of people that you recruit. But on the other hand, this is not the only way that you can earn with it. You can also have commissions from direct sales.

    Nevertheless, like you, I am also not a fan of MLM business. I don’t like the fact that I have to maintain monthly quota in order to get my commissions.

JohnMazis - February 29, 2016

Hello there John

For starters, I see that this Zrii site may be the best site among all those other rip offs. I am in favor of Affiliate Marketing rather than MLM, but I see that you have made a really fair review.
I also have to add that that you have done a wonderful job collecting all this information. One question, have you ever been scammed or think that you may have from any MLM company?

Wishing the best of luck and success. And continue your hard work!

    john rico - March 1, 2016

    Actually I was also scammed before. I was in my third year in college when I was invited by my friend to join in a MLM business. I was excited to join in it because at that time I really wanted to earn some extra money. So I tried to go to their orientation. In fairness, I was convinced about their business plan especially that I heard the earning potential. So without hesitations, I joined and paid almost $120 for the starting fee.

    It was okay in the beginning because I was full of determination and will to earn some money. However, as time pass by, I became confused on what should I do in the business. My mentors are already busy in other new members that they recruit. At that time I lose hope and felt that I was scammed. They just took my money and left me hanging.

    On the other hand, I didn’t regret it because I have learned about affiliate marketing. Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate before?

Marcus - January 25, 2016

I’ve never heard of Zrii before, but I have seen similar companies before. I must admit that the products shown in the video do catch my interest. They do look like they might be good products. My main concern when I watch that video is that the products are endorsed by Deepak Chopra. They state this like it is a good thing, but I don’t trust Deepak. I think he has become very rich by talking vague spiritual nonsense. I’m glad you gave this a low rating because it does seem like a bad company.

    john rico - January 26, 2016

    I respect your opinion that you think that it is a bad company. I can’t blame you because there are already plenty of MLM companies out there that appears to be legit but is actually a scam. On the other hand, Zrii is legit. It offers a compensation plan that can make you some money. However, I still don’t recommend it.

    The starting cost of the business is just too high. And this is somehow a disadvantage for the newbies because what if you already don’t want to continue with it? I think that most MLM companies don’t offer refunds when you already got their products.

    I still believe that online marketing is far way better than network marketing. Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliiate before?

Alyssa - January 24, 2016

Hi John,

Thanks for offering a very balanced review of Zrii. It kind of reminds me of an MLM program my neighbor joined (I won’t mention its name here). She had to spend a lot more than $50 to get a starter package.Your article makes me think, its not a scam.While Zrii may be on the edge of a trend, when it comes to making additional money, I think there are other options that would be a better fit for me! The chart at the bottom of this article comparing Zrii and Wealthy Affiliates proves that to be true! Thanks for taking the time to write such an educational review of another way to make money.

    john rico - January 24, 2016

    Actually there are plenty of MLM programs out there that offers starter packages that ranges from $45-$60. This may seem to be a good deal but this packages doesn’t include the products that you can use for direct selling. You still have to purchase the product packages and it is actually worth more than $200. I greatly think that this is far way expensive and too costly especially for those who are just starting in this kind of business.

    So have you started with wealthy affiliate already? How is it so far?

kyle - December 26, 2015

This looks like a high quality product. There is a huge trend going on and people are starting to fall in love in organics, and alternative medicine. Selling a product like this seems easy and fun because it truly is a great product that is good for you. Affiliates of Zrii actually have something they can be passionate about. I wish you the best of luck on your endeavors.

    john rico - December 29, 2015

    You are right. Nowadays people are more health conscious which results to more health products that they use. On the other hand, Zrii as a network marketing business also offers opportunity for its members to earn money. It is through direct selling the product and even referring people to buy the product. Although it may seem as a good business idea, like what I have said on my review, the starting cost is just too expensive. There are plenty of alternatives out there that gives the same amount of success but has a lower starter membership

Niki - December 20, 2015

Hi John,
I never came across this product, but it reminds me som another network. Honestly, I don’t believe on this kind of money making. There are no tools, not nothing to help you apart of the product. so I totally have to agree with you about wealthy affiliate and start free membership there.

    john rico - December 20, 2015

    Actually there are some people who made it to be successful in this kind of business. There are also tools given to people who join in Zrii. But the downside is it is not enough to secure your success in MLM business. Although they can help you to start the business, it still boils down to your own capabilities on how you can achieve your goal. So have you already tried the free membership in wealthy affiliate?


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